August 11, 2016

Arrival Welkom

After many transfers and flights our trip has become a reality and we landed in Africa. I already imagine the music from the lion king playing in my mind. My friends step out of the plane and I follow. The immediate warmth welcomes us at the airport. Welcome to Africa We are greeted by our […]

The View


Sitting in our luxury van with air conditioning while witnessing all the people walking, working, begging, sleeping along the road in the pure heat is awful. For the girls and me, this was the first real interaction with poverty. And a seed was born for Song for Africa.   We arrived in at our hotel […]


Snapped Africa


Having a couple of great days passed by, unfortunately we couldn’t get used to the images of poverty and circumstances some were living. Let me be clear straight away, this is not a country which knows only poverty. And we all know our country has some really poor parts as well. But the poor parts […]